Crude & Fuel


We transport crude oil from the oilfields to the refineries. Our focus is to achieve true safety, enhance trading flexibility and keep low transportation cost.

This is done through innovative thinking and best achievable technology.

Principally our crude oil tankers are divided into different sizes: Suezmax, Aframax and Panamax.

Products & Chemicals


We transport refined petroleum products and chemicals. The vessels have protectively coated tanks and are able to transport several different types of cargo simultaneously.

Thanks to the eighteen cargo tanks arrangement no single tank is larger than 3,000 m3. Consequently, the IMOIIMAX can load a full IMO 2 cargo in each tank. High performing well proven cargo tank coating ensure the Charterer will have full flexibility to carry an extensive spectrum of products and chemicals at desired temperatures.


Instead of simpler coated mild steel piping with flanged couplings the cargo piping on IMOIIMAX is of stainless steel in order to comply with FOSFA recommendations and the chemical trade. The deep well hydraulic FRAMO cargo pump system provides full flexibility so that all cargo pumps can be run and controlled individually, at the same time. Consequently, a high cargo discharge capacity is offered together with a high degree of flexibility of cargo circulation.


Our product tankers are of two kinds: The Long Range 1 (LR1) of 70,000 dwt is the maximum size of a fully laden vessel able to pass through the Panama Canal. The other type is the Medium Range (MR) of 40,000-50,000 dwt.


The Stena P-MAXs are Medium Range vessels specially designed to meet the growing challenges of transporting cargoes into sensitive areas. They can carry 30 % more cargo than traditional MR vessels and are considered extremely safe tankers.



Stena Bulk's LNG division is a first class provider of safe and reliable transportation of LNG around the world. The division consists of three LNG carriers, all being chartered out on short to medium-term contracts.


Stena entered the LNG market in May 2011 buying three LNG carriers from TMT Taiwan: Stena Blue Sky (built in 2006), Stena Clear Sky (built in 2011) and Stena Crystal Sky (built in 2011). They are all built at DSME with Ice class 1C.


Furthermore, vessels are designed with stronger than standard engine power and twin skew propulsion system (two-engine, two-propeller), providing higher speed, improved fuel efficiency, better maneuverability and higher safety.


At Stena we also offer innovative, integrated solutions across the LNG value chain. Our Jettyless LNG technology is complemented by considerable LNG competence and experience across commercial management, new-building project support, ship management and marine engineering. To find out more visit the  LNG microsite below.


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