Innovation & Performance

For each vessel type there is a specific need. In line with our motto – innovation and performance – our vessels are always top of the line in their respective categories. These are the vessel types that we currently operate.


The Stena Sonangol Suezmax Pool has today a total of some 20 Suezmax tankers.

Our own Suezmax vessels have been designed with the help of Stena’s own design department in accordance with the most advanced technology available today. The result is dramatically improved energy efficiency, which will, among other things, reduce fuel and bunker consumption by up to 15 percent compared with most efficient, conventionally designed Suezmax tankers currently in operation.


Watch video - Suezmax construction at Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea



The IMOIIMAX is an important step in our common pursuit to create a more sustainable shipping concept combined with a flexible design to offer our customers better business solutions at competitive freight. The IMOIIMAX is designed to carry IMO 2 classed cargoes as well as clean and dirty products. The vessels are all equipped with eighteen cargo tanks of max 3,000 m³ capacity as well as a nitrogen based inert gas system.


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Vessel Specifications and Capabilities - IMOIIMAX


The P-MAX has numerous safety features, the vessels are built with double systems for propulsion and maneuvering, just like an aircraft.

Certainly, safety is compatible with cargo capacity with shallow draft. Powerful engines enable transportation when time is valuable. Flexibility and the possibility of extra speed can mean money saved in the right environment.


The Stena Ice-Aframax is a crude oil tanker designed to navigate in extreme ice conditions with 1.0 metre thick ice. She is longer and wider than a conventional Aframax. She has more built-in steel in her sturdy ice belt, extra-strengthened frames, and an ice-propeller that is more robust than normal. In a harsh and frozen environment, her main engine provides her with 50% more power. The bridge has a 360 degree view for greater safety in narrow waters.
The 117,100 DWT Super Ice-classed Stena Ice-Aframax is optimally designed for safe carriage of oil in the Baltic Sea all year round.

Watch video - Stena Atlantica, stuck in the ice


Stena Panamax is a true Panamax tanker. The outer dimensions are maximized to fit the Panama canal. However, the Stena Panamax differs in many respects from the standard product tanker. At short notice, it is ready to carry clean as well as dirty products. It offers superior safe-guards against contamination of clean cargo. And it is noticeably faster.
And the bottom line – the most important difference between the Stena Panamax and a standard Panamax tanker is the money you don’t have to spend.

Medium Range

The MRs has since the mid 1990’s been one of the cornerstones in Stena Bulks fleet composition and an important segment in our goals to develop, and utilize the basics in tanker shipping but yet an important step to create a more sustainable shipping concept where the focus has been different in times. The combined of basic tanker operation but still with a flexible design to offer our customers optionality with competitive freight. MR Tankers IMO II/III will in foreseeable future continue to be a very important vessel in our composition and strategy in our Joint Venture Stena Weco and many of our logistical system will be of great need of this type of flexibility but still accessible units for our business strategy. The vessels are all equipped with 12 cargo tanks of max 4,500 m³ capacity and can carry crude oil, products and easy chemicals.


Today LNG accounts for a significant part of the growth in the global energy supply and there is currently a shortage of LNG tankers. In addition, the demand for transportation of liquid natural gas is expected to rise about 8 percent per year over the next ten years.
Our three LNG tankers are the Stena Blue Sky (145,000 cubic metres), which was built in 2006, and the two newly built tankers Stena Clear Sky and Stena Crystal Sky, each 174,000 cubic metres. The three tankers are all ultramodern and ice classed.

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A shuttle tanker is a vessel designed for oil transport from an off-shore oil field. It is equipped with off-loading equipment compatible with the oil field in question. In order to approach the oil field and to maintain position relative to the field these vessels are normally equipped with two or three bow thrusters and stern thrusters.