Turning new ideas into new vessels

Critical for our success is the fact that we develop customized and innovative transport solutions. Average vessel design with standard safety measures are therefore out of the question.

Instead we design and build our own vessels in cooperation with Stena Teknik. They serve us in new-building and conversion projects, as well as provide general marine technical advice and carry out research and development in the marine sector.

The whole building process begins with an idea and it takes many years before the vessel sails on her first voyage. We have very exacting demands on safety, environmental protection and long lifespan. Our vessels should remain both modern and competitive for decades.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25%

IMOFlexMAX is the next-generation product and chemical tanker, designed by Stena Bulk to meet the current and future needs of liquid bulk shipping. It is a further development of our current IMOIIMAX design: best in class in terms of performance and design.

Our IMOFlexMAX design is based on two major objectives - flexibility and efficiency. For us, flexibility means the ability to transport a wide range of products and cargo sizes anywhere in the world. IMOFlexMAX will lead the way towards a sustainable future as one of the most energy efficient products and chemicals tankers on the market.

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infinitymax concept


Continuous improvements

With bunker consumption accounting for 40–80% of shipping costs, a reduction in energy consumption has a major impact on the overall economy. Stena Bulk is continuously working on improving its annual energy efficiency. An important reason for this success is the company’s continuous improvements to technical solutions. Other explanations are energy management, optimisation and the individual energy budgets that are produced for each vessel before every trip.

Trying out bio fuel is one example

"By testing to run a vessel on bio fuel we want to contribute to push the industry and pave way towards more sustainable shipping", Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk says. "We want to be able to offer our customers additional options with less environmental impact in the future and by conducting the trial in normal operations we want to show that being sustainable doesn´t have to interfere with core business."

Watch video - Stena Bulk's MR vessel Stena Immortal ran on 100% biofuel during a 10-day sea trial



The InfinityMAX hybrid bulk carrier design, pushes the boundaries for zero carbon, multi-modal vessel design in shipping. The InfinityMAX concept, which is designed to carry both dry and wet cargoes in modular compartments, is built with several new core principles that, accumulatively, represent a paradigm shift in cargo transportation.

The ultra-flexible, zero emissions design has been created in response to the huge challenges that the global shipping industry must overcome in the coming decades. The design envisions a world in which the shipping industry plays a crucial role in supplying the world with renewable energy, chemicals, materials, and consumables for its never-ending needs.

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