Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Erik Hånell, President and CEO, Stena Bulk, comments on Stena Bulk becoming a signatory of the Global Maritime Forum’s Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization ahead of COP26:

“Today, Stena Bulk has joined other industry leaders in a worldwide call to action for shipping decarbonisation ahead of COP26. During COP26, for the first time, shipping will be included in global climate discussions. We believe it is vital to join other voices and show that shipping is seriously committed to decarbonisation and that, together, our community can speak with a united voice in favour of sustainability innovation.”

“Stena Bulk is proud to constantly push boundaries and that is why we are continuously investing in technological development to champion sustainability excellence. Global Maritime Forum’s Call to Action is fully aligned with our own sustainability ambitions and objectives, and is a natural initiative for us to be involved in. As part of our participation in this call to action, Stena Bulk has committed to specific targets and deadlines that have been approved by the Global Maritime Forum and outlined in the Call to Action document.”

“These include several milestones that are already incorporated in the decarbonisation roadmap that we unveiled in April 2021, such as the incorporation of three zero-carbon ready methanol powered MR tankers into the Stena Bulk’s fleet, and the exploration – in collaboration with our joint-venture partners – of low carbon fuels and the feasibility of using carbon capture to further cut emissions.”

“While we remain on track to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2040 and become a completely net-zero business by 2050, Stena Bulk’s signing of this Call to Action also includes further commitments from us, such as the following:”

  • Performing three trials of sustainable 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels, offering it to our customers as an option on individual voyages and across our full fleet.
  • Evaluating the scalability and availability of biomass resources for multiple applications, together with the oil and gas majors.
  • Conducting two projects with local universities looking at the technical challenges of using hydrogen and ammonia on tankers, as well as doing research with a group of our customers into ammonia production and supply more generally.
  • Developing a digital platform to track, share, and evaluate all emissions on individual voyages, making it available to other ship owners, operators, and charterers.

“We will also continue to develop other ambitious partnerships and evaluate technologies and fuels through a range of pilot projects. Our goal remains to have all of our newbuilds carbon-neutral ready by 2030 and to have zero-emission vessels on the water before 2035.”

“Stena Bulk has always supported the idea that shipping needs to embrace more partnership and collaboration to tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. The Global Maritime Forum’s Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization positions us perfectly to join forces with other industry leaders from the entire maritime ecosystem to make real progress in the decarbonisation of our sector.”

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