Friday, July 2, 2021

GSB Tankers and Aurora Tankers announce joint operations in J19 stainless steel tanker segment

2nd July 2021, Gothenburg – GSB Tankers and Aurora Tankers have joined forces and established a partnership to manage and operate stainless steel tankers trading worldwide, with a focus on servicing Asia.

This partnership, which commenced on 1 July 2021, will see GSB Tankers and Aurora Tankers expand their joint operating platform by growing their fleet in the stainless steel segment.

In the coming months, three Aurora Tankers vessels are earmarked to join this new combined fleet.

[Stena Bulk to provide further information on: how many vessels from each organisation will be involved in joint operations, terms/conditions of the collaboration, and any relevant further details]

Commenting on the announcement, Shinsuke Togawa, Managing Director of GSB Tankers, said: “Aurora Tankers will contribute three vessels into GSB Tankers existing XX-strong vessel pool. Our vision is to build a leading management and ship operations platform within the J19 stainless steel tankers segment in Asia. The main purpose of this new collaboration is to optimize returns while providing more flexible and agile services to customers.”

Dexter Say, Managing Director of Aurora Tankers, added: “This joint operation partnership is a step towards building our stainless steel fleet and serving customers with greater flexibility. The highly positive outlook for the chemical tanker market in the medium to long-term makes the timing of our partnership perfect. We look forward to working together with GSB Tankers to achieve our commercial goals”.


About GSB Tankers

Golden Stena Baycrest Tankers Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between Golden Agri-Resources, Stena Bulk and Bay Crest Management, which was established on 1st January 2019. GSB Tankers has been set up to undertake the operation and commercial management of chemical tankers. Apart from its headquarters in Singapore, GSB Tankers has offices in both Dubai and Japan. As a commercial ship manager, GSB Tankers works closely with owners through "alignment of interest", maximising profit for each vessel by improving chartering returns and championing operational prudence. For further information, please visit GSB Tankers – Golden Stena Baycrest.

About Aurora Tankers

Aurora Tankers Management Pte Ltd has more than 25 years of experience in liquid bulk shipping. It provides worldwide transportation of bulk liquid intermediate chemicals, clean petroleum products (CPP) and vegetable oils. Aurora Tankers’ core business include Contract of Affreightment (COA), time and voyage charters for chemicals from Middle East Gulf to Far East and return, as well as US Gulf to Far East and return. Aurora Tankers is a company in the IMC Shipping Group, part of IMC Industrial Group. For futher information, please visit IMC Industrial Group - Our Businesses: Aurora Tankers.                          

For more information, please contact:

Shinsuke Togawa
Managing Director
Golden Stena Baycrest Tankers Pte. Ltd.
T: +65 6634 6227

Dexter Say
Managing Director
Aurora Tankers Management Pte. Ltd.
T: +65 6336 2233